Adelanta promotes, builds and operates mini-hydro and wind energy facilities in Spain. Adelanta began its activity in 1957 with the construction and operation of a mini-hydroelectric plant in the Deva River (Ourense) and aspires to be a leading company in the renewable energy sector, actively participating in the entire value chain of the projects, from promotion to execution, management and operation.

This vision is based on a series of fundamental values: concern for the environment, social responsibility, excellence, human team development and the creation of sustainable value. Adelanta conceives sustainability as the place where its values and business vision converge, the space of opportunity to guarantee the shared prosperity of Adelanta and the communities that host its activities.

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The Code of Conduct establishes a series of principles and policies that will govern the integrity and honesty that characterizes Adelanta, together with our passion for doing things well.

The Code of Conduct expresses the company’s commitment to act with integrity and in a responsible manner in each of the projects and locations in which it operates, ensuring that its actions will always be in accordance with the law and aligned with the principles and values of the company. The aim is to provide a common framework of conduct for all employees, which is mandatory regardless of their position, responsibilities or geographical location.

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In order to promote compliance with the Code of Conduct, Adelanta has made a Responsible Channel available to its employees as well as to any customer, collaborator or partner.

Through this tool, any irregular behavior that contravenes the code of conduct can be reported in a secure manner, and all messages will be treated confidentially by Adelanta.

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Responsible Procurement

With the Responsible Purchasing Policy, we aim to integrate ESG aspects throughout the entire purchasing process in order to avoid and mitigate potential adverse environmental, social and economic impacts associated with the purchase of goods and services. With its implementation, we will be able to make progress in our efforts to reduce the environmental impact throughout our supply chain, always with the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable world.

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