About us


ADELANTA was founded in the late 1950s in Ourense with a sole objective: to join forces with nature in order to tap into and transform all the power contained in two of its primary assets, water and the wind, converting them into renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.

Two generations on, we remain committed to the goal of replacing traditional sources of energy with alternatives that care more for our natural and social environment.


We are a company rooted in its family origins with a vocation for group growth and development.

From the first small hydro power plant in the province of Ourense to the current group of companies and 100 MW currently under exploitation (and more than triple that amount currently in progress) based in Spain and Portugal, our philosophy has remained unchanged: to make the most of our magnificent human capital, turning technological innovation into a sure-fire value for the personal and career development of each member of our teams.


It is our human capital that has enabled us to position our group at the forefront of the renewable energies sector, opting for eficient and reliable solutions in line with the use of 100% natural sources in all our production projects and operations.

Our vision of the future is based on a commitment to sustainable innovation.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission

To produce and supply energy from renewable sources based on a firm commitment to environmental care.

Our vision

To become a permanent leader of the renewable energy sector, playing an active role at each stage of the project value chain, from promotion to execution, management and operations.

Our values

Human capital is one of Adelanta’s greatest assets, and we are firmly committed to ensuring their personal and career development.

Our core values include:

— Environmental care.
— Social responsibility.
— Excellence.
— The development of our teams of professionals.
— The creation of sustainable value.