Adelanta has an Engineering Service department staffed by highly skilled and qualified professionals with ample experience in this area, mainly in the wind energy sector.

Project promotion

Services ranging from the search for and selection of sites to drawing up, processing and management the corresponding projects.

Technical management

Electrical, civil and evacuation infrastructure engineering. Negotiations for turnkey building projects.

Expert management and works supervision

The range of services include material testing, compliance with guarantees, works coordination and health and safety and on-site inspections.

Operations launches

Provisional reception, administration and review of ‘As Built’ documents and assessment of the O&M plan.

Operations and Maintenance

Adelanta boasts more than 15 years’ experience in the integral maintenance of renewable energy power plants, backed by their outstanding availability rates.

Adelanta bases its strategy for the integral management of production plants on a MIXED/OWN maintenance model which cuts

operating costs by up to 20% and considerably extends the useful life of the facilities, tailoring the operation techniques to changing market circumstances.

The services it provides include the integral maintenance and operation of renewable energy production plants, mainly wind and hydraulic power.

Respect for the environment is central to all activities carried out at the Adelanta Group, particularly in its operational tasks and facility maintenance.

The Group is firmly committed to ensuring all of its industrial activities are sustainable and respectful of the environment, and it goes to great lengths to achieve this.

Information on the environmental endeavours of Adelanta Ingeniería, S.L. Sole-Proprietorship is available to interested parties at the Organisation’s main offices. In addition, it may be requested by email: [email protected]

Financial, management and accounting services

Adelanta provides tax, accounting, financial and corporate advisory services for all the companies in the Group thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals with long-standing expertise in each area.

It also offers specific financial services for facilities at the promotional and/or processing phase, including economic studies, business plans, sensitivity analyses and advice on project funding.